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Brilliant 2023

Updated: Jan 24

COVID-19 was not as easy for us as it may have been for many small firms. We had to stop for more than two years, we kept the flame alive but it was a devastating period since we started. Some of our key partners flew to another countries to be with their relatives and decided to stay; some sadly got sick with COVID. and our principal contractors stopped almost all of our projects; it wasn't safe to fly south, to meet face2face and perform our analysis and work the way we did it for over a decade.

For 2023 we are returning to rebuild a better CASTLE2002, we have already opened opportunities in Europe which we are working to seal early 2023, in addition, our corporate social responsibility is returning with a large delegation from 'Los Cerezos" who will visit us during the first quarter 2023. Los CEREZOS, Welcome!

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