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2023 is here!

CASTLE2002 is already working and securing the agenda for our new delegation visiting Washington, DC. just round the corner, March is fast approaching! But that is not all; we are already working to bring smaller delegations during May and late 2023; if you are interested to have your students coming to DC and learn from the experts, we will be happy to work with your leader to make this a reality. We are focusing on two groups: Pre-University Students (ages 15-17) and University students, early stage on their studies. Other countries will be in the area, We hope its comprised by students from your organization.


YES!, Latin American decision makers and community leader are also exploring to be part of our successful Leaders program where we have had the pleasure to host from presidents of the Americas to Local small municipalities leaders. Yes, our Leaders have explore local solutions here in the Washington DC. area, Louisiana, Madrid, Bilbao, Panama, Region of Lakes un Chile and more. Again; we can help your leaders to thing outside the box, have a global knowledge to apply it to local problems. Get in touch with us for additional information.

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