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our program

We are passionate
about inspiring our next generation of leaders.

Want to Learn about the International Community?

During their visits, participants will meet and have a two-way dialogue with Latin American Leaders and experts as well as representatives of top technology companies such as Microsoft, or  Apple and many mode institutions in a specially designed calendar.


The Washington DC area offers the best International Institutions to learn; the best political arena to engage and dialogue and superb scenarios to schedule a learning trip. While our program is rich in learning, we also include a small window to sightseen the area.  


There is no better experience than a "hands-on" experience... We schedule private visits to Education Institutions in the area... Georgetown U.  George Mason U. George Washington University and others.


We know that the “Y” Generation wishes to be seen as builders of their own future, not as recipients of traditionally prepared programs. Our selected participants will work on exploring a  better environment and better social perspectives for all.


The main Focus of APRENDE is to bring our participants a holistic overview of the immense opportunities they will have in their lifetime. Participants will have a unique opportunity to open their eyes, to learn from global leaders and think on how to return to work in their communities.


Not every young student has the golden opportunity to engage early in life at the level we offer... We have the best local organizations partnering with the program to help you to create your own exciting future!

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