What we do

Covid 19

  • Coordination between Manufacturers, interested group in LATAM (Unions, Local Governments, private industry).

  • Logistics for vaccine centers

  • Technology to secure reception and distribution -monitoring delivery- 

  • APP to pre-register and

  • System for coordination and logistic.


Gobiernos Locales Digitales del S. XXI

  • Help local governments (Alcaldias) to develop mature development plans.

  • Citizens dialogue. 

  • We work to secure international cooperation for local administrations (Technical assistance)

  • Presence in Internet as hub for local communities. (Municipalities as a service).

  • Enhance community unity to e-presence

  • Organize young citizens activities (Local tourism).

Crowd of People with masks

  • We create the strategy to make the dialogue a two way communication.

  • Help citizens to communicate with your administration.

  • Use technology to receive complains and answer them.

  • Improve internal responsibilities and cooperation to fulfill requests of help.

  • Learn the ‘Hot spots in the territory and act accordingly.

  • Learn and work in key sectors.

Markets - DC.
  • ​We will coordinate with you your strategy to gain Point of Presence in Internet.

  • We will create with you your digital market.

  • Together we will create your corporate communication: Wattsup, Facebook and others.

  • Will host and will train you on how to maintain your web presence.

  • Small Business in Washington DC area do not have presence... Would you like to be the first?

Security Guard
Down Now
  • Technology to protect our best asset: Our relatives!

  • People have to register to activate LDN.

  • Warning system upon an emergency.

  • 100% operation under your administracion.

  • 100% our technical support.

  • Act, react and protect.


  • Tailored to Pre university students.

  • Educational visits - Learning another educational systems.

  • Small delegation.

  • Programmed visits to the White House, US-Congress, International Institutions, Universities: GWU, Georgetown, GMU.

  • Visit and working with NGOs working with the community.

  • Learning experiences at Space museum and others.


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