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What we do

Education - SCHOLARS2020
Graduation Ceremony

  • Tailored to Pre university and University students.

  • Educational visits - Learning another educational systems.

  • Small delegation in 8 and 11 days of learning format

  • Programmed visits to the White House, US-Congress, International Institutions, Universities: GWU, Georgetown U, GMU, American U.

  • Visit and working with NGOs working with the community.

  • Learning experiences at Space museum and others.
    EMPRENDE Initiative is here

  • Check our Videos from previous visits.



Gobiernos Locales del Siglo XXI

  • The initiative created to enhance Local Leaders Helping world knowledge on similar ideas, problems and solutions.

  • Held mainly in the USA but also explores solutions in the Americas.

  • Visits to Chile, Panama, Dominican Republic, USA, and Spain.

  • Small delegation from your municipality and region working in 8 and 11 days learning Visits.

  • Visit and working with NGOs exploring models with the community.

Citizen's Dialogue
Crowd of People with masks

Dialogo Ciudadano
Citizens Dialogue 

  • We provide the strategy to better engage Local Government with citizens.

  • Technology tools to engage citizens in the day-2-day work in your locality.

  • Helping your administration to get internally organize to deal with the constant request for service.

  • Your administration will engage citizens seeking to improve the well being of all in the territory.

  • Models and tools for action.  

Citizens Dialogue

Hispanic Markets DC

  • Are you ready to enhance the presence of your small business in Internet?

  • Does your business needs an independent evaluation and Honest Opinion of your service? 

  • Want to engage the general public in your business? - WEB PRESENCE & Social Platforms

  •  Tired of depending on your kids to do the next step in technology?  We will help You to manage your electronic presence?

  • Call us, we can help you.

Honest Opinion

Are you looking to establish a strong web presence for your business? Look no further than CASTLE2002. Our expert team specializes in creating effective and user-friendly websites that are customized to meet your specific needs.


With our help, you can tap into the power of social media to reach and engage your audience in a meaningful way.


We also provide additional business assessments to ensure that your business is responding to your clients needs to the fullest.

Choose CASTLE2002 for a web presence that you can trust.

Security Guard


  • We are ready to help to protect our coworkers

  • We will provide technology alternatives to protect our kids in schools

  • You will provide your leadership to lead the change

  • LDC will be the tool to protect the work and study place.

  • Call us, we can help you.


Management local

  • Tailored to Local authorities and community leaders.

  • Education at the local level using international standards

  • Help Local Governments and Local Leaders to get organized way before any emergency (natural or man-made) strikes.

  • Working with NGOs and International Organizations. 

  • Learning experiences

  • Creation of Internet presence and training materials

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